Serving On Sundays

Serve your congregation in Gathered Worship


Serving on Sundays

Find out how you can serve on Sundays

How to Start Serving at GracePoint

Where you serve starts with understanding your gifts and passions as well as the needs and opportunities to serve others to help them grow in Christlikeness and to grow God’s mission.
Don’t just look for opportunities to serve based on your gifts and passions. Look for existing ministry needs you could meet in our church community.
On Sunday in our corporate worship together:

  • In your community group.
  • In your personal relationship with others (your peers, your leaders, newcomers/visitors, unbelievers)
  • In the different areas of formal ministry across our church community.

Serving others doesn’t require permission! Just do it!

Speak to your leaders and people around you to find out how you can serve. Ask people who know you well at church how they think you can best serve others formally or informally in our church community?

Volunteer when help is needed. Test the waters by volunteering to be equipped to serve in areas of ministry if you’re unsure how to best serve. That’s how you start discovering and using what God has uniquely gifted you with.

Commit to being a financial partner at GracePoint. Plan and organize to give regularly to support the work of the gospel in our church community.

Areas of Ministry

Consider the many different areas you could be using your gifts, abilities and passions to serve the gospel in the lives of others at GracePoint:

  • Welcoming new people to our church on Sundays (welcoming desk, ushering)
  • Helping newcomers settle into community life at Gracepoint
  • Evangelism & Following up those wanting to find our more about Jesus
  • Congregational prayer
  • Bible reading
  • Sound desk team
  • Audio-visual team
  • Church lunch/dinner team
  • Morning tea team
  • Music team (vocal/musician)
  • Livestream – sound or audio-visual team
  • Driving to give lifts or to make deliveries for those who are sick or in need
  • One to One Bible reading (meeting 1-1 to read the Bible and pray with someone)
  • Helping with Lidcombe or Burwood Extreme (Youth group)
  • Teaching Sunday school (children's ministry)
  • Assisting as a Sunday school helper (children's ministry)
  • Helping with the Kids talk/puppets/kid's church music team (children's ministry)
  • Helping run crèche or the kids program for our GracePoint events
  • JAM (Justice & Mercy ministries)
  • Be an advocate for our Compassion partnerships at church
  • Administration support (helping with support ministry)
  • Event management team (helping to organise Gracepoint ministry events)
  • Catering team (helping to cater for Gracepoint ministry events)
  • Hospitality (hosting events or meetings in my home)
  • Online website team (maintaining and developing our website for online ministry)
  • Media & communications team (helping to design material for advertising and communications across Gracepoint)
  • General Affairs (helping with property maintenance)
  • Other: Are there any other ways you believe you could help use your gifts and abilities to help serve at GracePoint?