Our Ministry Team


Eugene Hor - Lead English Pastor, GracePoint 

Eugene currently leads the English ministry team at GracePoint, which he and his wife Pauline helped plant in 1999. He completed his B.Sc in Computer Science and Philosophy at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and worked as an IT professional before training for pastoral ministry. He completed his B.Th(Hons) at Moore Theological College and his MA(Theol) at Christ College Sydney, and is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church of Australia. He also serves as adjunct lecturer at Christ College Sydney in preaching. Eugene is married to Pauline and they have two teenage children - Joshua and Ashleigh.


Thomas Lai - Assistant Pastor

Thomas is married to Mary and they have two children Kurtis and Charis. He worked in architectural drafting for 12 years before heading off to prepare for Christian ministry. He completed the Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP) at GracePoint, then studied theology at George Whitefield College in South Africa before finishing his B.Th at Christ College Sydney. Tom serves as an assistant minister at the Burwood morning and evening service. In his free time, you'll find him on his bike cycling with mates and enjoying the great outdoors.

Elliot Profile.jpg

Elliot Ku - Assistant Pastor 

Elliot grew up in a Christian home and enjoyed the privileges of being discipled as a child of God from a young age. However, the great truths and glories of the Gospel only really struck home for him in the final years of high school, and it was from then that he felt led to serve God as a pastor. From there, he went on to complete a B.A in History and B.Ed in Secondary Education at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), and he then served as a Ministry Intern at South West Evangelical Church before heading off to theological college. Elliot is passionate about discipling and training young adults. As such, during his years at theological college, Elliot helped to lead a group of university students at GracePoint which is now known as Allelous Community Group (ACG), and he hopes that the ministry will be a catalyst to see more young men and women better equipped and trained to be Christ's witnesses in an ever-changing world. Elliot has since then completed his M.Div at Christ College, and he is currently undertaking some further studies (MA in Theology) to be better equipped to handle and teach God's Word. Elliot's better half and wife Sherilyn is also completing some theological studies while working as a Piano Tutor at MLC School Sydney, and together they love showing and speaking about the joys of following Jesus Christ.


Peter Hughes - Youth Pastor

Peter was born and raised in Sydney's inner west and has been part of GracePoint since 2000. After many years working in the banking industry as a lawyer, Peter left full time work to attend Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC). Having finished his M.Div in 2007, he now serves as the Youth Pastor for Extreme, a youth ministry at GracePoint Lidcombe that meets every Sunday morning at 11.30am. In his free time, Peter enjoys reading, cycling, swimming and hanging around with friends.