Saturated in Scripture


Saturated in Scripture is a weekly devotional program designed to help us to read through the Book of Psalms in 2023 as a church. The steps are simple:

  1. Follow our reading guide (see below). For example, our readings for Week 1 are Psalms 1-3. There are a total of 52 weeks and that will take you through the full 150 Psalms. 
  2. Tune in to our weekly podcast. This will be released every Wednesday morning. The podcast will focus on one Psalm from the selection of Psalms for the week, and you will be encouraged to dive deeper and reflect on the allocated passage. 
  3. Share your reflection with someone! It is always enjoyable to read the Bible in community. So, you can work through this as a family (parents reading along with their children), as a smaller group within your CG (Community Group), or with friends at church. Encourage one another around God's Word and delight in the law of the Lord together!

You'll be able to find our reading guide and weekly podcast below. 

You can also sign up to receive 3 weekly emails which will include our selected readings and a link to our Podcast. You are also welcome to join our Facebook Group for in-depth discussions:





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