Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is "to see God’s greatness and goodness magnified for the joy of all people in him through Jesus and his saving work."

God’s ultimate goal in saving is so that we might worship and enjoy him in his greatness and goodness forever. This is why we exist as a church community at GracePoint.

God's mission tells us what God is doing in our world and why we exist as a church. Our vision tells us how we are to accomplish God's mission as a church community. Our vision gives expression to God's mission. Our vision describes how we are to live out this life of worship and joy in response God's saving work in Jesus.


Our vision at GracePoint is "to make disciples who are growing to love Jesus, love each other, and love our city and world."

In Loving Jesus  we want to see disciples who are growing to personally love Jesus more each day by responding to his saving work for them through ongoing repentance and faith, and becoming more like Him as they live under His Word in prayerful dependence, holiness and joy.

In Loving Each Other  we want to see disciples who are growing relationally as a community that Jesus has gathered through building relationships of mutual love and forgiveness, and seeking each other's good and maturity in Jesus through the use of our gifts and resources.  

In Loving our City and World  we want to see disciples who are growing as witnesses that Jesus has sent into our city and world through making Jesus and his saving work known in proclamation, and in living as his people always seeking the good of others.

So at GracePoint all our ministries are organized under five ministry fronts to help us grow to love Jesus, eachother, and our city and world:

•    Experiencing God in our worship (Magnification)
•    Sharing life together in community (Membership)
•    Growing personally in discipleship (Maturity)
•    Serving each other in ministry (Ministry)
•    Reaching lost people in mission (Mission)