Small Spaces

One of greatest challenges that the COVID season poses for us as a church is: How do we continue meeting on Sunday for worship: for praise, prayer, community, to serve each other in ministry and to engage in mission?

In response to this, we're launching an initiative called 'Small Spaces' that will run on Sundays at 9.45am and 4pm from September till the end of December. The idea is that smaller groups will gather in homes or public places for Sunday worship around our livestream, to grow, serve and reach out together.

Each week, a liturgy document will be made available that will consist of a Call To Worship with a Psalm, Prayers, Bible Reading, Catechism, Hymns/Songs, the Apostles Creed or Lord’s Prayer and a time of Reflection. Accompanying this document will be a link to the Sermon Outline for the week. This will then enable and aid anyone from Community Group (CG) Leaders, micro group leaders, parents, or housemates to lead a small group in a time of gathered worship. Each Saturday you'll find a weekly updated pdf copy of our small spaces Sunday liturgy document here

Our prayer is that we would grow as disciples of Jesus in membership, maturity, ministry and mission in smaller spaces (be it living homes, dining tables, backyards, parks or cafes) as Community groups, micro groups, families and friends worship together.

We believe you’ll be safer because you’ll be doing Sunday church in small spaces. We believe you’ll be strengthened because you’ll experience deeper community in small spaces. We believe you’ll be stretched because you’ll be serving each other in small spaces.

To join a Small Space in your local area on Sundays you can register here (, or to find out more, please email us at