The Six Measures Initiative

The Six Measures Initiative is GracePoint’s way of loving and serving our members who are in need. During this current COVID-19 lockdown, we are offering grocery vouchers of values between $50-$200 to individuals and families.

The application process is very simple. If you have any questions, you are welcome to reach out to Reverend Elliot who will be more than happy to provide assistance (

How can I get involved?

Any member at GracePoint is welcome to apply for this support. If you are unsure of your membership status, please feel free to reach out to your Campus Pastor (Lidcombe, Burwood, and Granville) who will be able to give you more information.

We want to encourage everyone at GracePoint to be on a lookout for those within our faith family who may be in need. Six Measures is first and foremost an exercise of pastoral care. We are people trying to help people. Therefore, if you become aware of individuals and families who may be in need and who could benefit from this, please inform them of this initiative, encourage them to apply, or speak with your Campus Pastor who will be able to support them.

The Six Measures Initiative also depends on your generosity. Therefore, if you, your family, or your Community Group feel moved to give financially to this, please contact Elliot who will be able to make the appropriate arrangements.

How does it work?

If you are an applicant, all you have to do is complete the form below. This will then be reviewed by the pastors of GracePoint and we endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. When this process is completed, you will receive this grocery voucher through email which you can either 1) print out or 2) use digitally (it will include a voucher number and pin which you can use like a debit card. Please let us know if you require additional instructions on how to use this).

After that, our church’s Membership Pastor (Pastor Thomas) will also get in contact to journey with you and support you/your family through this season.

About Six Measures

The expression "Six Measures" comes from Ruth 3:15. In this account, Ruth is sent away with the promise of fulfilment through a guardian-redeemer, and she is also given material provisions that meet her needs in abundance. This story is one of many in the Book which emphasizes the theme where emptiness is met with fullness. Our hope is that this initiative will meet the immediate material needs of our community while also pointing them to the hope of fullness that is completely found in Jesus Christ.

Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this support only available to members (those who have completed the Membership Course and have been formally received as members) of GracePoint?

Six Measures will give priority to GracePoint members who apply. This is an expression of our conviction that we have a unique responsibility to those who express mutual love and accountability with GracePoint. Church Membership is the context where you express your willingness to participate in God’s mission and submit to the leadership at GracePoint, and it is also the context where the pastor-elders of this church express our commitment to preach, teach, lead, and guide the Church under Christ. Therefore, we want to ensure that no member at our church is left uncared for.

That being said, we will also accept applications from regulars at GracePoint. A regular is defined as someone who:

  1. is part of our gathered worship on Sunday,
  2. regularly attends a Community Group, and
  3. is actively involved in serving in either formal or informal capacities.

We understand that some people may not be members for a variety of reasons (for example, we haven’t been able to formally receive members because of COVID restrictions). Therefore, the support from Six Measures is not closed off to them either.

What outlet will the grocery vouchers work for?

Currently, the grocery vouchers that we are offering can be used at Woolworths. The main reason is that Woolworths is Australia’s largest supermarket chain, which makes it the most accessible for applicants.

What if my needs are not for grocery items, but for other things?

The Six Measures Initiative currently only provides grocery vouchers. However, if you have particular material or financial needs, you are welcome to reach out to your Campus Pastor who will be able to discuss the matter with you.