Centre for Faith and Ministry

Equiping Christians with God's Word for
Strategic and Sacrificial Service


Centre for Faith and Ministry

The Centre for Faith and Ministry (CFM) is GracePoint's initiative to help members grow in their faith and train for ministry. Currently, the CFM runs 6 major training programs.

1. Community Group Leaders Training

The Community Group Leaders Training (CGLT) is a 4-year training path which seeks to help develop our next generation of Community Group Leaders (Small Group Bible Study Leaders). Each phase is offered every year and members are invited to join the program through the recommendation of their existing CG leaders.

2. Faith Foundations

The Faith Foundations program is the equivalent of what some may know as "Adult Sunday School". It runs courses multiple times each year to stretch our minds and enlargen our hearts. We spend anywhere between 5-10 weeks deep in a Book of the Bible or Theological Doctrine with the aim of knowing God and knowing ourselves better. 

3. Preachers Academy

The Preachers Academy is our attempt to raise more lay preachers who will bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the ends of the world. Every year, we recruit up to 10 people and equip them to preach through a series together. The Academy introduces candidates to the fundamentals of preaching, gives them a good understanding of the passage that they will be delivering, and listens to their sermons while providing constructive feedback. Some of lay preachers continue to preach in our congregations and other churches upon request.

4. T3 Conference

The annual T3 Conference is our in-house equivalent to NextGen/NTE training. We run a weeklong conference every summer (January) to equip our members with skills to handle and teach the Bible. This training program is also offered throughout the course of the year so that workers and families who cannot take time off work can continue to benefit from this level of training.

5. Volunteer and Leadership Pipeline

Our Volunteer and Leadership Pipeline exists to ensure that all of our volunteers who are serving in various ministries (such as music, welcoming, service leading, AV, etc) are familiar with the procedures and competent in skill while also encouraging members to take on leadership positions over teams of volunteers.

6. Theology Book Club

We run a monthly Theology Book Club which seeks to engage with influential texts that shape our Christian and popular culture. The aim is to promote the habit of reading quality books, engaging with the content, thinking critically through them, and applying these ideas to regular Christian living.