Trained to Teach (T3)

Know Jesus is a four-step course for people who want to find out the basics of the Christian faith.

Are you someone that wants affordable training in the Bible, so that you can teach God’s word to others? Or maybe you are someone who just wants to learn how to read God’s word well to discover God’s truth?

Gracepoint is running a ministry equipping conference called T3 - Trained to Teach! Our hope and prayer is that Christians will be thoroughly trained to teach and preach God’s word to God’s people in their respective ministry contexts.

T3 (Trained to Teach) is Gracepoint’s ministry training conference that desires to equip undershepherds to:

  • read God’s word well for themselves
  • teach God’s word well to others
  • write a bible study or sermon
  • serve effectively in Kids, Youth, Young Adults, and Worker’s Ministry

This conference will be held in-person on January 4th-7th 2022 in our own Lidcombe campus! We've written our own material that covers Strand 1 (Biblical Exegesis), Strand 2 (Biblical Theology), Strand 3 (Systematic Theology) and Strand 4 (Preaching and Communication), and we are running a number of different workshops throughout the week - all of which is designed to challenge our delegates to consider how they can upskill in their gifts to serve the body of Christ in deeper ways!

We also have Murray Smith from Christ College who will be preaching from the Old Testament, and Sijin Yang from Student Outreach to the World who will be preaching from the New Testament! These guys are excellent preachers and we're looking forward to hearing them preach on the books of Deuteronomy and Matthew respectively on the theme of the Mission of the Church: Knowing God's Purposes for God's Church.

We are making this training affordable and accessible, so that anyone who is keen to grow in their ability to handle God's word will be able to attend.

This conference is open to all!

Information about our speakers

About Murray Smith


Murray Smith has been the lecturer in Biblical Theology & Exegesis at Christ College, Sydney since 2010. He is also a guest lecturer in the Department of Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies at the University of Sydney, where he co-teaches a unit on the Historical Jesus and the Written Gospels.

His passion is to see God's people grow deeply in love with Jesus and trust Him in every aspect of their lives.

He is married to Lynette and they have 5 children. Together they attend Hornsby Presbyterian Church, where he and his family faithfully serves the Lord's people there.

About Sijin Yang


Sijin Yang is currently serving as a student minister at Harbour City Church since 2016. He is also serving as the interim-director of Student Outreach to the World (SOW), which is a campus ministry that meets on 5 different university campuses across Sydney.

Upon completing his theological studies at Christ College, he is in the candidacy process to become an ordained minister within the Westminster Presbyterian Church. 

In his leisure time, he enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, eating delicious food and going out on late-night driving adventures.

Information about our strands

Strand 1 - Biblical Exegesis

In this course, delegates will explore various principles on reading and understanding the Bible and will learn a simple bible-reading model that will equip them to prepare and write a New Testament bible study.

Strand 2 - Biblical Theology

Strand 2 will introduce delegates to biblical theology, where they will be trained to understand every passage within the context of the entire message of the Bible. They will work on a chosen Old Testament passage and use the biblical-theology model to prepare and construct an Old Testament bible study!

Strand 3 - Systematic Theology

In this strand, delegates will be taught how to think theologically about various topics in light of the whole scope of Scripture. They will work and explore the topic of eternal life by using the systematic theology model that is taught throughout the strand, before writing and preparing a study of their own chosen topic.

Strand 4 - Preaching and Communication

In this final strand, delegates will learn how to preach and give a bible talk. They will walk through a method of preaching to construct a sermon outline and be given opportunities to grow in their communication skills as they prepare and practice their written talks.


Date: Tue 4 - Fri 7 Jan 2022
Location: 38 James St, Lidcombe
Parking: Street parking available
Transport: 7 mins walk from Lidcombe Station
Facebook: Visit t3trainedtoteach for the latest info