Faith Foundations

Extend your knowledge and deepen your love for God


Faith Foundations

Faith Foundations

Faith Foundations is suitable for:

  1. Any GracePoint member who has been a Christian for years and wants to deepen their theological understanding,
  2. New Christians who are eager to grow in their knowledge of God and love for God.
  3. Seekers who may be curious about the core of the Christian faith.

This course has been designed to help extend you in your knowledge of God and deepen in your love for him. Often, people at church ask: "Apart from Sundays, 1 to 1 discipleship, and regular trainings, how do we grow to be more confident in our knowledge of Scripture and competent in our ability to teach and lead?"

Course Outline

BT001: Book of Colossians

  • March 6: The Doctrine of Salvation     
  • March 20: The Doctrine of God
  • April 3: The Doctrine of Christ
  • April 17: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • May 1: The Doctrine of Scripture
  • May 15: The Doctrine of Creation
  • May 29: The Doctrine of the Church
  • June 12: The Doctrine of the End Times
  • June 26: The Doctrine of Repentance and Faith

Course Structure

We've made it in a convenient time slot so that those who are part of morning service can have lunch and head straight to Faith Foundations. And those part of evening service and come early, do the course, and make it back to church in good time.

We will be spending nine Sundays studying the book of Colossians. The sessions will be led by Rev. Elliot Ku and supported by some adjunct instructors.

Each session will run from 1:30 – 3pm at Christ College in Burwood. Each session will comprise of reflection, sharing, teaching, and a time of question and answer. The textbook used in BT001 is 'The Real God for the Real World' by Christ College Vice Principal Dr. John McClean.


All participants are expected to:

  • Attend all sessions unless for exceptional circumstances
  • Complete all necessary pre-reading (from 'The Real God for the Real World')
  • Undertake all necessary reflections (answering reflections questions from the book)
  • Actively participate in class discussions
  • Share in a joy and love for studying God's word!


The cost for the course is $50 which includes the textbook 'The Real God for the Real World'. 


Date: Every 2nd Sunday 6 Mar - 29 May 2022
Time: 1:30pm to 3pm
Location: 1 Clarence Street, Burwood (Christ College)
Parking: Street parking available
Transport: 7 mins walk from Burwood Station
Cost: $50 (includes textbook)
More Info: Faith Foundations info pack
Updates: Visit facebook events for the latest info